Makunouchi Pack (9 Devices)

Makunouchi Pack (9 Devices)

5,000 JPY

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Makunouchi pack By NINETEEN95STUDIO Taito Otani Makunouchi pack is package of nineteen95studio’s max for live device pack. The following devices are included 9 devices. - Disdancer (Synth) - Spring House (MIDI Effect) - Centering Man (MIDI Effect) - Genoman (LFO) - aThigns (LFO) - Coolcool Kick Analayzer (Visualizer) - vvDelay (Audio Effect) - Monster Voicer (Audio Effect) - Robo Voicer (Audio Effect) It's 8000 yen cheaper than buying it alone. ----------------- If you are student, you get coupon code. (50% OFF) https://forms.gle/QEjDQCzvLrpgXL5Q9