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Minilogue Controller - M4L Device

1,000 JPY

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Minilogue Controller is Max for live device (MIDI Effect) By Taito Otani OverView This plugin can control minilogue in ableton by using M4L Device. Possibles to write automation, knob control. #m4l #minilogue #korg #controller If you're developer? You Can Get Free Here. https://github.com/Taito-Otani/MinilogueControllerM4L/releases/ How to install - You need Ableton live and Max for live - Move folder to max for live search path. - minilogueController.amxd # license Free for both personal and commercial use. Distribution and redistribution to third parties is prohibited. #note We do not take any responsibility for equipment failures or accidents using this application. ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶- NINETEEN95 Studio Produce and design by NINETEEN95Studio Please flow our account. Get new product and cup-on Web Twitter Instagram https://nineteen95.stores.jp/ https://twitter.com/nn95studio https://www.instagram.com/nineteen95studio/

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